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Shurijo Castle Park
Visitor Information
Entrance rate, annual passport
Opening of the park, the opening time
Audio system guide
About barrier-free correspondence
Locker, stroller, dispensary, ATM, foreign currency changemaker
About image rental, photography in garden and location
Brochure downloading
Request about park use
About photowedding
Facility which is available in Shurijo Castle Park and service
Introduction of Shurijo Castle revival model course
Facility introduction
The whole map of facility
Way to main shrine
Around main shrine
Silver gate, shimbyoden, east azana
*jummon, court lady living room
Shop, notice of restaurant
Museum shop ball positive (kyuyo)
Shop colorfully-dyed pattern, shop colorfully-dyed pattern B1
Restaurant Shuri forest (we breathe and turn)
Cafe dragon gutter (ryuhi)
Introduction of original products, book
Cake "teicha service" of Ryukyu kingdom
Shuri forest building (we do)
Neighboring cultural assets
Plants seen in Shurijo Castle
Event Information
Traditional arts performance
The program details
Castle light-up
Opening of a gate type (ukejo)
Party of the eighth lunar month
Shuri Castle Festival
Party of the New Year
100 magistrates in charge of managing the shogunate's private property come (momosoomonomairi)
Sanshin experience society
About Shurijo Castle
With Ryukyu kingdom
Shurijo Castle as world heritage
Shurijo Castle Park castle story
Did you know that squirrel was in Shurijo Castle main shrine?
Story of flower clematis drawn to main shrine Emperor's chair
Secret of kubirijoseidento*ho (karahafuu)
Bell Shurijo Castle of all countries Tsu beam (bankokushinryo)
Red cement tile of Shurijo Castle
satsufushichihi (sapposhichihi)
Twin gate ... migiwakimon and hidariwakimon
Mystery of floating way
Genealogy seat, yobutsuza (keizuza, yomotsuza)
100 magistrates in charge of managing the shogunate's private property come (momosoomonomairi)
Tile - stem crest ... (ryutoumunakazari) to give glory to Shurijo Castle
Do you know that Perry came for Shurijo Castle?
Shurijo Castle and flower arrangement
The wide fortune gate
Where was the re-painting china?
Parking lot
Access from airport
Surrounding Area
Shurijo Castle outskirts map
Hair park route and Shureimon route guidance on from Yui Rail Shuri Station
Meeting of Shurijo Castle Park friend
Shurijo Castle fund
The creation situation of Shurijo Castle fund
Cultural heritage collection business
About offer of Shurijo Castle art craft collection reconstruction charity
List of Shurijo Castle art craft collection reconstruction charity business situation
The confirmation situation of store grade
Contents for learning
Guidance about "native district history culture learning business"
Shurijo Castle Park introduction video "Shuri forest Mitake"
Shurijo Castle Park introduction video "west azana"
Shurijo Castle Park introduction video "Shureimon"
Shurijo Castle Park formula social media
Privacy Policy
Disaster prevention, fire prevention
Ayumi to revival
The current revival situation
Movie gallery
Shurijo Castle of past days
Main facilities of past days
Welcome to Shurijo Castle
Shurijo Castle Park facility guidance map
  • Opening time
  • Event Information
  • Access
  • Shop restaurant
  • Barrier-free
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