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The 2021.01.07 latest information

News about one Shurijo Castle Park trust supplier new coronavirus positive

As one staff of supplier whom Shurijo Castle Park entrusted with duties receives polymerase chain reaction test about new coronavirus, and it was revealed, "we are positive" on Tuesday, January 5, we will tell.
These skilled in the art engaged in duties at place that performed preventive measures against infection such as mask wearing or ventilation, disinfection.
We carry out disinfectant work of duties-related area of the company concerned on Tuesday, January 5, and Shurijo Castle Park is opened as usual.

As a result of having investigated action career of the company concerned, we get opinion, "customer and the park staff do not have close contact" from the jurisdiction public health center.
About close contact with staff of trust manufacturer where positive was confirmed, we are confirming the details.
We do all of the use, security of the staff with having top priority in our park continuously in the future and plan jurisdiction Health Center, related organizations and cooperation and will push forward correspondence that is quick for prevention of infection spread.


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