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2020.12.26 park information

About repair work of zuisemmon and migiwakimon

In Shurijo Castle Park, we are performing repair work of zuisemmon and migiwakimon now.
In zuisemmon, migiwakimon was restored in 2000 in 1992. Natural lacquer is painted building of Shurijo Castle known as "red castle" with, and it is, so to speak, "work of japanner art", and it is necessary to perform repaint that is appropriate to continue protecting that.

Because, during long period to date, is exposed to strong sunlight of Okinawa and intense wind and rain, and deterioration is seen in the painting such as wall surfaces from the reconstruction, of lacquer such as oar and door, framed picture of zuisemmon and migiwakimon repaint, and will carry out work.
The current work situation scratches the former painting to lose the original red painting and performs last joke and performs work of plugging to fill crazing point by aging.
It becomes hard to show part of gate by installing footing and seat during work period and will cause customer of visiting trouble, but we protect "red" of Shurijo Castle, and it is work to protect important cultural heritage in the next generation, and to inherit. I would like understanding and cooperation.

※As zuisemmon and migiwakimon can go as usual, please enjoy visit slowly.

Work period: Until March 26, 2021
Work contents: The outside re-painting and repair, the framed picture re-painting

       zuisemmon                  migiwakimon

     Wall surface where the painting deteriorated           Fog board which is which deteriorated

    zuisemmon which lost the painting         Plugging work to fill point of breaking


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