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The 2020.12.25 latest information

News about Shurijo Castle Park pay guided tour (trial)

While Shurijo Castle guide comments on history and culture, Shurijo Castle of Ryukyu kingdom, we go around the Shurijo Castle Park together.
As we listen to commentary at real place, understanding deepens more. Do you not see state of main shrine foundation stone remains of an ancient structure and revival with Shurijo Castle guide?


Schedule (each time around 60 minutes)
◎Saturday, December 26, 27th Sunday: Four times a day
The first 09:15 ... (reception desk: 8:55-9:10)           
The second 11:00 ... (reception desk: 10:40-10:55)
The third 14:00 ... (reception desk: 13:40-13:55)
The fourth 16:30 ... (reception desk: 16:10-16:25)
◎Monday, December 28, 29th Tuesday, 30th Wednesday, 31st Thursday
The first 10:00 ... (reception desk: 9:40-9:55)  
The second 14:00 ... (reception desk: 13:40-13:55)
The third 16:30 ... (reception desk: 16:10-16:25)

[Seating capacity]
Each five times

Entrance fee
Of 1000 yen per person (free of charge younger than primary schoolchild more than junior high student)
※Admission ticket is necessary separately. Please buy beforehand. It is annual passport OK.
※We present souvenir to participant

Reception desk
【Place】 Genealogy seat, yobutsuza (keizuza, yomotsuza)
【Time】 From 20 minutes before each tour start to five minutes ago
※Acceptance will be finished five minutes before tour start. Come having margin at time.
From parking lot to reception desk place, it takes approximately 15 minutes.
※Advance reservations do not go.

New coronavirus infectious disease infection spread precaution
Droplet infection measures
・The staff wears face shield or mask.
・Person participating in guide, please keep enough distance (about 1m or more) with mask wearing or the outdoors.
Rearranging method of guided tour participant for prevention of infectious disease
・We have person participating in tour submit thermometry and health condition report (we prepare for receptionist) in reception desk in genealogy seat, yobutsuza. I would like cooperation.
・In property of guided tour, we do the number of people that takes physical distance of 1m, and can participate to five people. But it is not this limit when you do not need to take physical distance between customers.
・We reduce opportunity of utterance and would like loud voice not to utter.
・In fever and cough, headache with a cold symptom, we would appreciate your refraining from participation.
Method of securing of interpersonal distance
・We always confirm so that crowd does not occur during guide and alert.
・Based on new coronavirus infectious disease infection spread prevention guidelines (Shurijo Castle Park event), we obey about applicable thing.
※You put on earphone, and please hear commentary. You can use your earphone.
※Guided tour may cancel change and holding of schedule without notice by weather. Thank you for your understanding.
※By season and social conditions, we change administration time and capacity and may carry out in future. We will tell on this occasion in HP.


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