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The 2020.10.31 latest information

"Museum shop ball positive" opening!

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, "museum shop ball positive" opens in court lady living room in Shurijo Castle Park pay area.
Kita had shop of the same name before, but, on new store establishment, will use store name where we got used to with thought case sequentially.
We have traditional craft and souvenirs including Shurijo Castle original product in shop. You became able to take a break while eating light meals such as bread or onigiri which we sold in shop in seat inside and outside the shop. In addition, with installed large monitor and tablet, we can see commentary of history culture of Ryukyu kingdom and event at the time, state of the reconstruction construction in 1992, and it is in place that can know Shurijo Castle more deeply. On Shurijo Castle Park walk, please drop in.

Business hours

  • 9:00-17:30
    We look forward to your visiting, visit.
  • The court lady living room appearance
    The court lady living room (nyokankyoshitsu) appearance
  • Image in shop
    While relaxing in shop
    Please enjoy shopping
  • Product image
    Clear file (Shureimon, main shrine)
  • Product image
    Ki-gu-mi Shiisa (* flatters)

We have Shurijo Castle original product.

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020


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