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The 2020.10.28 latest information

About 2020 Shuri Castle Festival holding that wind of Ryukyu kingdom blows

Thank you very much for always using Shurijo Castle Park.
One year passes from Shurijo Castle fire and receives voice of encouragement from very many people. We will hold Shuri Castle Festival as event to appreciate thought to your revival, and to meet.
We pray for revival and, until from October 31 to November 3, offer various events.
By the king, queen "appearance" pray for Shurijo Castle revival, and, "ancient line", "Shurijo Castle revival prayer live" by artist of various genres raises the time of Shurijo Castle revival more, and it is event that can sense culture of gorgeous Ryukyu kingdom bodily.

Please confirm than this about the event details of Shuri Castle Festival.

In addition, we carry out "the citizens of Okinawa allotment" to be able to use Shurijo Castle Park pay area for at discount targeting at citizens of the prefecture under 70 during period [, as for the person living in Okinawa ※ 70 years old or older, free of charge]
Come to Shurijo Castle Park by all means at this opportunity.

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020


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