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The 2020.10.14 latest information

[10/23 update] About recruitment of 2020 "Shurijo Castle revival stage" performers

Thank you very much for always using Shurijo Castle Park.
Do all of you, song, performance, dance sending thought to Shurijo Castle revival not do performance freely on stage?
We pray for revival of Shurijo Castle during Shuri Castle Festival period and will recruit people who can send your thought and spirit.
It does not matter to age, professional amateur.
※Offer period was expired.

The holding date and time: From Saturday, October 31, 2020 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday)
     During 10:30-16:00
     ※In event program, there is time not to be able to use stage.
     Thank you for your understanding.
【Place】 Shurijo Castle Park Shuri forest building lawn open space ※Rain out


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