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The 2020.12.10 latest information

Shurijo Castle Park new model coronavirus infectious disease expansion prevention guidelines

For use of park based on "new lifestyle", I would like the following cooperation toward the visiting.

  • ‣Please wear mask.
We ask mask wearing and wearing such as face shield or mouse shield with prevention of spray effect for cooperation on the use in indoor facility. But, for small child including infants and health reason (※ 1), customer having difficulty in mask wearing is excluded.
※1 <health reason> 
・With mental pain (anxiety, feeling of pressure, panic)
・With dysesthesia and nervousness
・Person who allergic and has skin trouble
・Reason gagaaru according to others
  • I would like hand-washing and finger disinfection.
  • We set a limit to admission as needed not to be crowded in hall.
  • I would like securing of distance 2m or more by securing of physical distance.
  • Please refrain from principle admission, entrance about fever and cough, headache with symptom.
  • When new coronavirus infection is confirmed to customer and the staff arrived to Shurijo Castle Park visiting, periodical homepage confirmation, please as we tell on Shurijo Castle Park homepage.

We take the following measures to have you use toward the visiting in peace.

  • We wash health care reinforcement of the staff, mask wearing, hand-washing finger disinfection enforcement, uniform.
  • About delivery of money, we use cash tray.
  • In kembaisho or restaurant, we make neighboring distance as wide as possible.
  • We will install antiseptic solution.
  • We guide to close cover of restroom, and to carry away filth and will post.
  • We will cancel driving of hand-dryer.
  • We put in the garbage bag after garbage which salivae attach to being able to enter plastic bag, and having sealed up.
  • We perform notice (a cough etiquette, hand-washing, mask wearing) by flyer notices such as preventive measures against infection.
  • After having taken off mask and gloves, we wash our hands under soap and running water by all means.

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020/FAX: 098-886-2022


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