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The 2020.06.05 latest information

We open main shrine remains of an ancient structure to the public from June 12

Because we receive cancellation of emergency declaration in the whole country of May 25 and revision of the government coping policy about paid area of Shurijo Castle Park postponing exhibition for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, and, at first, house ino sees figure of Shurijo Castle which the reconstruction advances to in Okinawa, we start general release from June 12, 2020.
Main shrine remains of an ancient structure exhibition flyer. pdf

Open day: Friday, June 12, 2020 ...

※Only on the public first day, we change the opening time at 10:10 and open a gate.

※We take the following measures against prevention of new coronavirus infection spread.

  • Reinforcement of cleaning
  • Setting of antiseptic solution
  • Health care reinforcement and mask wearing of the staff
  • In rush hours, it is derived by the staff to take separation

New Corona measures guidelines (Shurijo Castle Park)

New entrance rate

  Adult Average person (high school student) Dwarf (the small, junior high student) Children under 6
The public (less than 20 people) 400 yen 300 yen 160 yen Free
Group 320 yen 240 yen 120 yen
Annual Passport 800 yen 600 yen 320 yen -- -

Opening hours (free area)

Target area: Pleasant meeting gate, mokueimon, kyukeimon

Period Opening hours
From April to June 8:00-19:30
From July to September 8:00-20:30
From October to November 8:00-19:30
From December to March 8:00-18:30

The opening time (pay area)

Target area: hoshimmon, world pride, east azana

Period The opening time The admission ticket sale deadline
From April to June 8:30-19:00 18:30
From July to September 8:30 to 20:00 19:30
From October to November 8:30-19:00 18:30
From December to March 8:30-18:00 17:30

※The admission ticket sale deadline is 30 minutes before closing

Public area map

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020


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