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The 2019.08.28 latest information

Announcement of party holding of the 2019 eighth lunar month and advance reservations

※Advance reservations were finished

Event that reproduced open party for the Ryukyu kingdom era for two days of Sunday on Saturday, September 14, 15th will hold "party in the eighth lunar month" in Shurijo Castle Park.

It is event that the cause of place in the moonlight can thoroughly enjoy classic dancing and group dancing that history of Ryukyu brought up. We show traditional entertainment of the highest peak by living national treasure in particular on 14th and perform the king, queen exhibition election meeting of Shuri Castle Festival in 2019 on 15th. Against a backdrop of Shurijo Castle main shrine, it is perfect opportunity to touch splendid Ryukyu kingdom culture.
All the staff look forward to your visiting.
※We will tell about detailed information such as programs as soon as it is decided.


  • Saturday, September 14, 2019, 15th Sunday


  • From 18:30 to 21:00 (the opening: at 17:45)


  • Shurijo Castle Park garden (special stage)


  • (the first day) Ryukyu dancing (classic), group dancing, performance, dancing by living national treasure
  • (2 dates) Ryukyu dancing (classic), group dancing, the Shuri Castle Festival king, queen exhibition election meeting

Rate (every day)

  • 1,000 yen (designated seat block)
  • 500 yen (standing to watch)
    ※Only as for the sale in the seat as for advance reservations (on the day there is sale if there are any spaces, too), the standing to watch on that day
    ・Advance reservations time: From Wednesday, August 28 to Friday, September 6 10:00-18:00
    ・The details, please identify this about advance reservations and the viewing ticket purchase.
    ※It becomes event viewing rate unlike entrance rate.

※As for two days of "party of the eighth lunar month", we change the close time of Shurijo Castle Park for venue construction preparations at 22:00 at 17:00 (entrance sale deadline 16:30) at the closing time of kubirijohoshimmon (pay area).
With that, we do not have guidance (free guide) at the appointed hour of 17:00.
In addition, please note all year that you will change from 16:00 to 16:30 for from 15:30 to 16:00 at time in the third performance in event "traditional arts performance".
※Please refrain from carry-on of pet and food and drink.
※We cannot enter south palace, guard station, study, kusarikorekan, golden palace, kiman, attendant crew room, inner study, main shrine, Kita, Uchihara during the start.
※Due to bad weather, change of program may be called off. We would appreciate your confirmation in the latest information on homepage or Facebook.

About advance reservations


・We will accept advance reservations of seat by telephone or email. ※Only as for the sale in the standing room on that day

(the requirements)

  1. Full name
  2. Zip code, address
  3. Phone number
  4. E-Mail address ※Please set so that email receives from address of the reservation secretariat.
  5. Viewing preferred date ※Reservation costs rate of the same amount in possibility, every day for two days
  6. The desired number of sheets (to four pieces per person)
    ※Wheelchair, person using stroller, please report beforehand.
    ※There is a charge for seat area from 3 years or older. When you use seat even if it is under 3 years old, please purchase seat ticket.
    ※When you are canceled, please contact beforehand by all means.
    ※We do not use personal information that I took from customer other than the use purpose.

(advance reservations reference)

The party ticket reservation secretariat of the eighth lunar month
TEL: 098-867-2632

About viewing ticketing of the day

※There are prior seat ticket (with reservation ticket exchange) needing reservations and standing to watch ticket of sale on that day on viewing ticket.

  • Viewing ticketing time: Every day 13:00 ...
    ※Exchange of reservation ticket becomes cancellation automatically after that until 17:30. Please be careful.
  • Viewing ticketing place: shitakoregotei** tent
  • Payment is only cash.
  • On the day we will sell seat ticket if there are any spaces.
  • Seat is limited. When we surpass capacity, it should be the sale deadline.


  • We do not reissue reservation ticket, today's ticket. Please be careful about loss
  • Seat reservation of reserved seat is not possible. As I hand block-designated admission ticket at the time of the ticket purchase of the day, please sit down in block freely.
  • Seat ticket hands wristband to event entrance ticket, standing to watch ticket. As you are necessary in the case of event area re-entry, please be careful about loss.
  • In seat area, as for wheelchair, the stroller carry-on, one seat becomes handled because of one.
    ※We do not include custody places of stroller. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Seat ticket is 1,000 yen every one seat in every day. When we ride children under 3 on knee of protector and do not use seat, rate of child becomes free.
  • In the standing to watch area, under 6 years old (non-school children), stroller carry-on become free.
  • When event is called off by bad weather before the start, we will refund rate. Viewing ticket (event entrance ticket wristband) is necessary for refund.
  • When it becomes interruption, cancellation under the influence of weather after the start, there is not refund. Thank you for your understanding.
Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020


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