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2019.08.09 discount information

Announcement of Shurijo Castle Park citizen of the prefecture discount

In Shurijo Castle Park, we carry out service that admission of all of you living in Okinawa becomes discount during periods from Monday, August 19, 2019 to Sunday, August 25.

※Under 6 years old are admission-free.
※Address confirmation is necessary on entrance. Please show indenture (health insurance card or driver's license) which the present address can confirm in hiromefukumonkembaisho.
※Citizen of the prefecture living in Okinawa 70 years or older is carrying all year out free (trial).

In addition to event that we can participate in in family such as event and stamp rally and friends in summer vacation, we can enjoy during 1st including special plan exhibition in commemoration of the group dancing presentation 300th anniversary.
Shurijo Castle Park that opportunity when events that we can participate in casually are varied, and summer vacation that homework has not yet come when we are wondering whether to go out to where to play in families learns history culture of Okinawa is prepared is recommended.
Please come to play at this opportunity.

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020


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