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The 2019.01.31 latest information

Shurijo Castle Park new area opening of the park

Pride Shurijo Castle ... of Ryukyu to want to know some other time in ... now

Shurijo Castle Park widened public area sequentially including main shrine released the return cause in 1992, but the world of the Shurijo Castle "depths" of Uchihara (Chiba and others to pursue) opened at last newly from February 1, 2019!
You come to Shurijo Castle by all means at this opportunity, and how about feeling history of deep Okinawa? We look forward to all the Shurijo Castle Park staff.

Original clear file present (pay area)

500 daily first arrival-limited! We present original clear file!


From Friday, February 1, 2019 to Thursday, February 28 ※It is finished as soon as it disappears



History costume fitter charge account experience (pay area)

In *so, let's take photograph for opening of the park commemorative memory!


From Friday, February 1, 2019 to Sunday, February 3


World pride (not proud)

[reception hours]

Part/10:00-11:30 of the morning
Part/13:00-15:30 of the afternoon


300 yen per person

Traditional arts special performance (pay area)

Ryukyu dancing that was brought up in Shurijo Castle for the Ryukyu kingdom era. On special stage, we show gorgeous clothes, elegant dance.


From Monday, January 28, 2019 to Sunday, February 3


gokoregotei (kushinouna) special stage


①11:00 -② 14:00 -③ 15:00 -④ 16:00 ...

Uchihara spot commentary (pay area)

What is Uchihara? Member of guidance comments on nado, new area in detail.


From Monday, January 28, 2019 to Thursday, February 28


The gokoregotei (kushinouna) center



Old photograph panel exhibition (pay area)

We display Old photograph in Shurijo Castle including Uchihara from photograph which Shozo Mori who was technical officer with former Ministry of Education photographed in prewar days.


From Monday, January 28, 2019 to Thursday, February 28


South palace, the first floor of the guard station

Happy island special in Shurijo Castle (free area)

Popular program of FM Okinawa to Shurijo Castle! We send public live broadcasting that we jump out of studio by special program.


Friday, February 1, 2019




The first floor of the Shuri forest building

Smart in treasure house (free area) of Ryukyu Awamori

We display panel introducing by history and way of enjoying Awamori in venue in treasure house (zenikura) said that King prefecture stored Awamori once.


From Sunday, January 27, 2019 to Sunday, February 3


Treasure house



Opening of the park commemorative goods sale (free of charge, paid area) of Uchihara areas

In commemoration of opening of the park, we offered goods of Shurijo Castle original. Let's find item which is good to opening of the park commemorative souvenir!


The Monday, January 28, 2019 release start


Kita museum shop ball positive others
The first floor of the Shuri forest building shop colorfully-dyed pattern

※We may change event contents without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Let's know new area in detail!

With space of three Shurijo Castle

Shurijo Castle proud of dignified appearance as King of Ryukyu state politics, diplomacy, the center of culture. Do you know that there is three space from the role?
①"Religious service space" around of Kyoto worshiped as "administrative space" that centered on main shrine, garden ② sacred place and this time new opening of the park and King ③ and the family, court ladies where it is are "life, courtesy space" called Uchihara (Chiba and others to pursue) that lived a life.
We invite all of you to courtesy space ③ life that was not able to enter by opening of the park of "Uchihara" so far this time.

With Uchihara

The east side whole area of main shrine was called "Uchihara" and was place where was closed to boys whom the king and the family, many women to serve there lived for. After main shrine, all the women manage here whereas the west was the world mainly on politics and diplomacy; was, so to speak, the world of "the depths".

New area facility introduction

*jummon (shukujummon)

"We see and, in front gate to Uchihara where the king and the family live in, are alias also known as thing gate of a palace" (cormorant fisherman) "unaka gate of a palace" (cormorant fisherman).

Court lady living room (nyokankyoshitsu)

It is thought that it was ground of everyday life of court ladies working for Uchihara.

World pride (not proud)

Place where bow of the enthronement of the next king was carried out when the king died. It was usually used as living room of unmarried princess.

Palace (nikeudun) on the second floor

It was used as daily living room and bedroom of the king. It was connected to golden palace (kuganiudun) by the second-floor part.

The silver gate (we vomit)

It is thought that it is the gate for exclusive use of the king visiting "shimbyoden". Another name "do Gane gate of a palace" (cormorant fisherman).

shimbyoden (shimbyoden)

Place where we enshrined the coffin at one time when the king died. It was building deified in Uchihara.

East azana (agarino azana)

In watchtower stand built on the east side of castle, we were able to look around the Shurijo Castle whole area and castle bottom.
kyukoshima, the west can see Kerama Islands to the east on fine day.
Photograph is scenery to see the west from east azana.

The beautiful fortune gate (bifukumon)

To the front where "tsugiyomon" is built at the gate built in second enclosure here of Shurijo Castle it is thought that was the gate in the east most.

tsugiyomon (keiseimon)

It was the side gate, but prince of heir who lived outside castle entered the inside of a castle at this gate and usually inherited the throne when the king died.

※tsugiyomon, the beautiful fortune gate become some free of charge area.

Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020


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