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The 2018.06.11 latest information

The End of the Measles Outbreak in Okinawa

※We are declaring that the measles outbreak in Okinawa Prefecture has ended.

On March 20, 2018, the existence of a measles patient was reported, making it the first occurrence of the disease in four years, and from that time until today, there have been 99 reported patients.
Leading up to this point, we increased our surveillance of the measles outbreak to observe the spread of the disease. However, the last measles patient was examined in a medical institution on May 11. Four weeks have passed since then, and due to this fact, we can now declare the measles outbreak in Okinawa Prefecture to be over.

June 11, 2018Yasushi Sunagawa
Director GeneralDepartment of Public Health and Medical CareOkinawa Prefectural Government

We are deeply sorry for any worry or concern that may have been caused by the recent measles outbreak in Okinawa Prefecture.
Okinawa Prefecture will use this experience to work towards “protecting against the spread of infectious diseases” with the aim of maintaining safety, security, and comfortability for our tourist sites and for Okinawa itself.

Summer is nearly at its peak in Okinawa and there are all sorts of events being held! Okinawa welcomes everyone with the spirit of “Utuimuchi (Omotenashi)” (hospitality). .
Please pay a visit to Okinawa!


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