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The 2018.01.31 latest information

About reconstruction maintenance construction around Shureimon

We will tell to plan historic environmental reproduction around Shureimon in Shurijo Castle Park as we perform the following construction.

(1) Maintenance of pearl way (madamamichi)
(2) Transference of kokuoiwaiutatokuhi (kokuoshotokuhi), pearl Minato epitaph (madamaminatohibun)
(3) Maintenance of intricate design gate avenue (ayajoufumichi)

It limits part of traffic of mall to install guard fence and seat during construction period. We cause customer of visiting trouble very much, but I would like understanding and cooperation.
In addition, we will tell about item for modification and the details at any time.


Reconstruction construction (Okinawa ordering construction) of around Shureimon intricate design gate avenue - pearl way


From the end of January, 2018 to the middle of May


Construction ① from Wednesday, January 31 to the middle of March
The construction ② mid-March and mid-April
The construction ③ mid-April and mid-May
※Part of visit of enhiokubugotake is limited.

About reconstruction maintenance construction around Shureimon

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