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The 2017.01.23 latest information

About "photowedding" (location photo) in Shurijo Castle Park photography

Thank you for usually using Shurijo Castle Park more.

We guide about "photowedding" (location photo) photography.

We get up in state-run area (area of the castle wall inside) of Shurijo Castle Park and do not admit wedding dresses to perform as the work about conduct of photography by wearing.
When we get up in area under prefectural management, trouble accepts in range that there is not and copes with general user if there is photography application as the work.

In addition, it, please be understood when we confirm photography conduct as we have to cancel photography by person in charge.

To one applied for (prior confirmation matter)

When there is photowedding (location photo) photography in Shurijo Castle Park, we need permission from park ranger, but, in that case, as a general rule, following permission condition, instructions are referred.
In addition, please submit the original of application to Shurijo Castle Park control center before photography by all means.
(we perform rental of armband and process of payment of photography rate in addition.)

<permission condition>

  1. We can photograph, and it is said that it is as follows about place and time. In addition, I assume receptionist of principle first-come-first-served basis and may decline by the permission situation.
    (photography place)
    We do photography place with place that we assume park area out of the castle under prefectural management and do not disturb the use of other park users and can photograph safely. I still assume receptionist of principle first-come-first-served basis (e.g.,: Shureimon, Shuri forest building lawn open space, kyukeimonto) and may decline by the permission situation.
    (photography time)
    It is limited within one hour between from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
  2. Application assumes receptionist for one month of photography, and please submit by Japanese notation up to three days before.
  3. When you cancel application of photography, please connect with Shurijo Castle Park control center by 17:30 on the day before of scheduled photography date.

※It is said that it is as follows about photography targeted for photowedding (location photo) that application in Shurijo Castle Park needs. (one set of 1st is used as an indication)

  1. Photography that dresses by specialized supplier and professional photographer included wearing model in
  2. Photowedding (location photo) photography more than 4 including the person concerned, photographer
    ※Even if it is photography of private, we consider to be photography for duties, and application is necessary

In addition, attachment photography and location, please confirm permission condition about basic condition about photography.

Correspondence language of application submitted to Shurijo Castle Park becomes only Japanese. I am sorry to cause inconvenience.

Shurijo Castle Park management area

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Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
TEL: 098-886-2020
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