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Shurijo Castle revival model course PDF downloading

Free audio system guide application to enjoy history, culture, story of Shurijo Castle with smartphone

We can go round main areas (Shureimon and zuisemmon, main shrine) in Shurijo Castle Park mapped beforehand by map in smartphone guide while listening to story. Experience in Shurijo Castle is strongly deepened by knowing story of trip only for here that does not appear in magazine and Web.
Other than Japanese, it supports English, Chinese. When you come to Shurijo Castle Park, please inflect.

Guide this (for exclusive use of smartphone)

Downloading of application is this

A.Rotation course early in Shureimon, Kyoto

B.Shurijo Castle one lap/ village machimai course

C.Shurijo Castle Park view spot course

D."Revival to show" visit course

Guidance around the Shurijo Castle

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