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Entrance rate

Target area: Pay area exhibition area
※By the situation of construction to affect the reconstruction such as future main shrines, we may change a public area.

  Adult Average person (high school student) Child (elementary, junior high student): Children under 6
The public (less than 20 people) 400 yen 300 yen 160 yen Free
Group 320 yen 240 yen 120 yen
Annual Passport 800 yen 600 yen 320 yen  

■Citizens of Okinawa percent 70 years or older no charge for admission

Only in citizens of Okinawa, we give no charge for admission free to customers 70 years or older. You have indenture (social health insurance card or driver's license) which you can confirm, and tell in kembaishomadokuchi.

  • ※When person receiving grant of certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook has you show notebook in kembaishomadokuchi, we become free of charge. In addition, per one person having the notebook mentioned above, we can enter to one caregiver free.
  • ※About more than 20 groups, please buy in a mass in kembaishomadokuchi.
  • ※In the case of the purchase, we may ask for the presentation of identification of social position (driver's license, student identification card) with admission ticket in kembaisho.
  • ※Please see this about the use of credit card and electronic money in detail

■About entrance rate discount to customer using monorail free ticket

Customer using free ticket (daily ticket, 2nd ticket) of monorail (nickname: Yui Rail) becomes application of group rate by the presentation of ticket in kembaishomadokuchi.
  • ※In expiration date of free ticket, it becomes application only for once (one piece of admission ticket) per person.

It is more advantageous than general rate! Under garden outdoor sale bill of sale sale!

■The purchase at the following, store!

About re-entry

When we wish to re-enter, on the day it is limited and can re-enter by the ticket (stub) presentation at the time of entrance.
Please order to the nearest person in charge.
※Take ticket (stub) at the time of entrance by all means.

It is news to customer having passport now in the Shurijo Castle Park year

It is news to customer having passport now in the Shurijo Castle Park year

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Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
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