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Please read before visiting
Shurijo Castle Park is located on the small hill of 120 meters - 130 meters above sea level.
There was the town of Naha on hill to be able to look down at, and hill of this Shuri was a sacred place-like.
As we restore figure of the Ryukyu kingdom era, and Shurijo Castle Park is maintained, there become many slope and stairs, stone pavement ways in the garden, too. On visiting, we recommend that you come with footwear comfortable to walk in.
About use of smartphone and cell-phone at the time of walk
Walk while we look at screen of smartphone and cell-phone is very dangerous. Please refrain from call and operation that we stop suddenly while walking.
I would like your cooperation.
  • Entrance rate, annual passport
  • Opening of the park, the opening time
  • Audio system guide
  • Access, parking lot
  • About barrier-free correspondence
  • Locker, stroller, information for dispensary ATM, foreign currency changemaker
  • About photography in image rental, garden and location
  • Brochure downloading
  • Request about park use
  • About photowedding
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