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For rest of Shurijo Castle visit

We guide shop which cafe to be able to enjoy restaurant which can eat of Ryukyu dishes or Citrus depressa software, original souvenir of Shurijo Castle Park can buy.


  • Restaurant Shuri forest (we breathe and turn)

    Shuri forest building (the first floor)
    You can enjoy menu mainly on Ryukyu dishes.

  • Cafe dragon gutter (ryuhi)

    You can enjoy coffee, ice cream casually while overlooking Naha city.


  • Shop colorfully-dyed pattern (bottles), shop colorfully-dyed pattern B1

    Special products such as cake or miscellaneous goods of Okinawa and original product of Shurijo Castle Park can purchase.

  • Introduction of original products, book

    Including original product which is available only in Shurijo Castle, we introduce Shurijo Castle-related book.

  • hon*tenho

    Sale of Shurijo Castle Park original goods and commemorative medal can purchase at sale machine.

  • Museum shop ball positive

    You became able to take a break while eating light meals such as bread or onigiri which we sold in shop in seat inside and outside the shop.

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