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You can enjoy traditional Ryukyu cake.

Usage guidance of kusarikorekan
Of 500 yen per person teicha service (tax-included)

Business hours

It is held for the time being only on Saturday and Sunday
9:00-18:00 (last order 17:30)


Genealogy seat, yobutsuza


Of 500 yen per person (tax-included)

In "genealogy seat, yobutsuza", you can enjoy "teicha service" to be able to taste traditional Ryukyu cake and jasmine tea.

It is luxurious "teicha service" to be able to taste four kinds of cakes from six kinds every season of "flower boru" "kumpen" "chinsuko" "kippan" "winter melon pickles" (wax gourd pickles) "糕 cake" (koguwashi/rakugan). Please thoroughly enjoy representative Ryukyu cake handed down in now from the Ryukyu kingdom era.

"Winter melon pickles" (wax gourd pickles) are rare one article to taste vegetables as cake and they boil down for a long time and make winter melon with sugar. Please taste gentle flavor and sweetness to spread in mouth.
"Flower boru" is one of the baked confectioneries which were eaten in the Edo era, but model that we put delicate cut in remains only in Okinawa and can enjoy even appearance.

"kumpen" "kippan" is grand cake used for warm reception dishes and religious service of satsufushi.
We steamed sticky rice and dried and let you knead sugar and starch syrup, and "糕 cake" (koguwashi/rakugan) which we cooked for dying was provided as teacake which celebrated New Year holidays in the old calendar once.
"Chinsuko" is well known as souvenir cake of Okinawa, but is historical cake cooked from the Ryukyu kingdom era. It had a shape of chrysanthemum, but turned into slim form once to be easy to eat.

Please appreciate traditional cake of such Ryukyu kingdom in unhurried atmosphere.
We look forward to your visiting.

Genealogy seat, yobutsuza

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