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Shurijo Castle proud of dignified appearance as center of King of Ryukyu state politics, diplomacy, culture

Shurijo Castle Park facility guidance map

Free area

  • Way to main shrine

    We will introduce the distance before going to main shrine from Shuri forest building with parking lot through Shureimon.

  • Around main shrine

    Around main shrine, there is observation deck "west azana" which can overlook the Naha city. In hoshimmon, "the ceremony of opening of a gate" is carried out at the time of opening of a gate of every morning.

Other facilities

  • Shop restaurant

    We guide shop which souvenir of cafe restaurant to be able to enjoy Ryukyu dishes or bitter gourd deuce and Shurijo Castle Park original can buy.

  • Rest room, exhibition room, general information

    It is information center of Shurijo Castle Park, and "Shuri forest building" (we do) is facility for information display and break again.

  • Neighboring cultural assets

    It is old, and, in facility in Shurijo Castle Park, landmark architecture and historic spot inherited from the Heian period lie scattered.

Plants seen in garden

  • Main plant which is seen among Kyoto
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