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Shurijo Castle fund
Contribution amount of money (after October 31, 2019) ※3 bank totals

It is 1,186 221,249,821 yen as of 16:00 on January 18

Mind of Okinawa where zan goes along to the future
For collection, the reconstruction, preservation of precious arts and crafts grade

Shurijo Castle was precious cultural heritage which symbolized history culture of Okinawa, but, in the Battle of Okinawa, much cultural heritage came to charred and smoldering waste and have been scattered and lost outside the country.

The Shurijo Castle reconstruction as King prefecture of Ryukyu kingdom for about 450 years was longtime earnest wish of citizen of the prefecture.

About building of Shurijo Castle, it was restored as business after an interval of 47 years in November, 1992 for mainland return memory 20 years by effort of country, the prefecture and the person concerned and opened as Shurijo Castle Park partly and was opened entirely in February, 2019.

On the other hand, with the cooperation of from many people, Shurijo Castle fund was installed in foundation again, and the prefecture, the municipalities, various groups continued cultural heritage collection business to collect dissipative Shurijo Castle-related cultural heritage about showpiece outside the country, and to restore, and to open to the public in Shurijo Castle until now.

However, on October 31, 2019, Shurijo Castle is destroyed by fire by fire and is seen precious art craft that 400 points or more were destroyed by fire.

We sincerely hope to have your great support of, cooperation for creation of Shurijo Castle fund that collection, the reconstruction saves inheritance of valuable arts and crafts grade that great ancient people left for while movement for the rebuilding of Shurijo Castle accelerates and displays in Shurijo Castle.

Structure of Shurijo Castle fund

Shurijo Castle fund is made use of for cultural heritage collection business in Shurijo Castle.

Structure of Shurijo Castle fund

Reception desk

The Okinawa beauty and others Island foundation Shurijo Castle fund charge
〒903-0815 1-2, Shurikinjocho, Naha-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-886-2020

In the case of transfer

Bank of Okinawa Shuri Branch normal 1318639 Account name
Shurijo Castle fund
Bank of the Ryukyus Shuri Branch normal 6-495
Kaiho, Okinawa Bank Shuri Branch normal 0-482-155

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