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Shurijo Castle for free guide

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Shurijo Castle for free guide

Shurijo Castle for free guide

Do you not observe the inside of a castle while hearing commentary?

Through guide, we can rediscover charm of Okinawa by knowing Shurijo Castle and the history of Ryukyu kingdom deeply.
In the case of visiting, please use!

Start time (six times a day)

Shurijo Castle for free guide
  • The first: 9:00 ...
  • The second: 10:30 ...
  • The third: 13:00 ...
  • The fourth: 14:00 ...
  • The fifth: 15:00 ...
  • The sixth: 17:00 ...
  • ※Guidance time: Approximately 50 minutes (the pay area)
  • ※15 capacity 
  • ※Wait place: South palace, guard station entrance (pay area)
  • ※As you do not accept reservation of guidance, meet in total, and come to place at guidance start time.
  • ※We started guide that we used earphone microphone on September 1, 2011!

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Welcome to Shurijo Castle
Shurijo Castle Park facility guidance map
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  • Barrier-free

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