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A World Heritage Site that tells the tales of the prosperous Ryukyu Kingdom

Shurijo Castle served as the proud and dignified center of Ryukyu Kingdom and its politics, foreign affairs and culture.
With architectural influences from both China and Japan, the Castle shows its exceptional cultural and historical values in its unique stonework and architectural design. Thus, Shurijo was designated as a World Heritage Site in December of 2000, the 11th World Heritage Site within Japan.

Current parking lot conditions


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Around Seiden

Behold the brilliant colors and stylish structure of the Ryukyu architecture

[ Inside the Seiden/Nanden・Bandokoro/Shoin・Sasunoma and the Restored Garden/
Kugani-udun/Yuinchi/Kinju-tsumesho/Okushoin/Hokuden ]

Paid Area

Path to the Seiden

[ Kankaimon Gate/ Zuisenmon Gate/ Nichiei-dai/ Ryuhi/ Rohkokumon Gate/ Tomoya/ Kohfukumon Gate/ Hohshinmon Gate/ Bankoku Shinryo-no Kane/ Kyo-no-Uchi/ Iri-no-Azana/ Suimui Utaki/ Keizuza and Yohmotsuza/ Kobikimon Gate/ Suimuikan ]

Shop and Restaurant Guide

Free Area

Photo Gallery

  • Shurijo Castle SeidenShurijo Castle Seiden
  • Karahafu Tsuma-kazari, the embellishment of gable pedimentsKarahafu Tsuma-kazari, the embellishment of gable pediments
  • Inside the SeidenInside the Seiden
  • ShoinShoin
  • SasunomaSasunoma
  • The Restored GardenThe Restored Garden
  • Kugani-udun / YuinchiKugani-udun / Yuinchi
  • Kinju-tsumeshoKinju-tsumesho
  • OkushoinOkushoin
  • HokudenHokuden
  • Exhibition AreaExhibition Area
  • Video AreaVideo Area
  • Shop and Rest AreaShop and Rest Area
  • Shukujunmon GateShukujunmon Gate
  • Uekimon GateUekimon Gate
  • Kyukeimon GateKyukeimon Gate
  • Kankaimon GateKankaimon Gate
  • Zuisenmon GateZuisenmon Gate
  • Nichiei-daiNichiei-dai
  • RyuhiRyuhi
  • Roukokumon GateRoukokumon Gate
  • TomoyaTomoya
  • Koufukumon GateKoufukumon Gate
  • Houshinmon GateHoushinmon Gate
  • Bankoku Shinryo-no KaneBankoku Shinryo-no Kane
  • Kyo-no-UchiKyo-no-Uchi
  • Iri-no-AzanaIri-no-Azana
  • Suimui UtakiSuimui Utaki
  • Keizuza and YoumotsuzaKeizuza and Youmotsuza
  • Kobikimon GateKobikimon Gate

Paid Area Admission Fee Information

Paid Area Admission Fee ※Wheelchairs are also available.

  Adult High School Student Elementary and Junior High School Student 5 and Under
General 820 yen 660 yen 310 yen Free
Groups 660 yen 490 yen 250 yen
Yearly Passport 1,640 yen 1,240 yen 620 yen  

The Seiden, Nanden, Bandokoro, Shoin Sasunoma, Kugani-udun, Yuinchi, Kinju-tsumesho, Okushoin, Hokuden, Houshinmon are located in the paid admission zone. Admission is free in the other parts of the Park.

Group fees apply for 20 persons and more.


Open Hours

Apr. to Jun. (8:30 to 19:00) Last entry: 18:30
Jul. to Sep. (8:30 to 20:00) Last entry: 19:30
Oct. to Nov. (8:30 to 19:00) Last entry: 18:30
Dec. to Mar. (8:30 to 18:00) Last entry: 17:30


The Park is closed on the first Wednesday and Thursday of July, every year.


1. By Public Bus

Use bus No. (1), (14), (17) or (46) and get off at the "Shurijo koen iriguchi" bus stop. Shureimon gate is 5 minutes away on foot.
Use the No. (7) and(8)Shuri-jokamachi Line bus, and get off at "Shurijo-mae" bus stop. Shreimon gate is 1 minute away on foot.
Use bus No. (9), (13), (25) or(97)and get off at "Yamagawa" bus stop. Shureimon gate is 15 minutes away on foot.

2. By Sightseeing Bus, Car or Taxi

The attendants will direct visitors arriving by bus, car or taxi, if parking spaces are available in the underground parking lot of the Suimuikan (Shurijo Casle Park Rest Center).

Suimuikan Parking Fees

Bus 960 yen (Book of 11 tickets: 9,600 yen)
Small Vehicle 320 yen (Book of 11 tickets: 3,200 yen)
※Parking reservations are available only for school trip groups.(Buses only)

Suimuikan Parking Lot Hours

Apr. to Jun. 8: 00 to 20:00
Jul. to Sep. 8: 00 to 21:00
Oct. to Nov. 8: 00 to 20:00
Dec. to Mar. 8: 00 to 19:00

3. By Monorail (Yui Rail)

Get off at Shuri Station or Gibo Station. Shureimon gate is 15 minutes away on foot.


Shurijo Castle Park Management Center
〒903-0815 1-2 Kinjo-cho, Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-886-2020 FAX: 098-886-2022