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Car model It is rate for once It is rate for 11 times of coupons
Large car 970 yen 9,700 yen
Compact car 320 yen 3,200 yen

※It is one year from issue date on expiration date of coupon.

About person with a disability parking fee reduction of taxes

  • When driver or fellow passenger shows certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook at parking lot tollgate, parking rate (normal car, subcompact car, light car) becomes the total amount exemption.
  • Group buses become the total amount exemption about (11 ride number of people or more) only for person with a physical disability group.

※When person with a physical disability takes normal tour (group buses) along, please note that you do not become a target of reduction of taxes.

The opening time

Period The opening time
From April to June 8:00-20:00
From July to September 8:00-21:00
From October to November 8:00-20:00
From December to March 8:00-19:00

※We are doing with less than three hours at parking time. We would like understanding, cooperation.

1.2 floor parking lot sketch under the ground

We offer bus (micro) 20 at the minimum - up to 46, parking lot space for normal car 50 at the minimum - up to 116.
Bus parking lot, the second floor under the ground become bus and general parking lot, but the first floor under the ground usually changes each car accommodation number depending on the congestion situation in package tour season. Please cooperate.

1.2 floor parking lot sketch under the ground

About visiting in group

About advance reservations of bus parking lot

  1. Making a reservation is limited to the use in school group in school-affiliated event.
  2. Making a reservation will accept from 0:00 a.m. to the day before on the same day one month ago.
    You fill in the requirements on "reservation arrangement book", and apply by FAX to Shurijo Castle Park control center.
    ※Inquiry over telephone is to 9:00-18:00.
  3. To bus which had you make a reservation, please post name card which specified school name on position where windshield is easy to be seen. In the case of parking, batsman will tell about parking space.
  4. Reservation vehicle becomes the use of the first-floor parking lot (for up to 20) under the ground.
  5. It should be limit in three hours at the use time.
    ※When reservation time is not stocked when it passed for one hour, we consider to be cancellation.
    ※Reservation is by unit, please for 30 minutes if possible.
  6. When there are excess of parking time, cancellation without contact, we may not accept making a reservation from the next time.
  7. Parking lot parking start time is 8:00.
  8. Parking rate is 970 yen because of one trailer bus once and is deferred payment system at the time of leaving a shed.
  9. Please contact at the following without reserve if you have any questions.
    ※Mistransmission to similar number is frequent. I would like confirmation of number at the time of transmission.

Bus parking lot reservation arrangement book

Word file PDF file
Reservation arrangement book Reservation arrangement book
  • Adobe Reader is necessary to read PDF, and to print.
    Downloading of Adobe Reader from this (for free)

Parking space

Parking lot
The first floor under the ground
<general group other space>
Trailer bus <26 accommodation>
For <5 space for exclusive use of getting on and off ri>
※Less than ten minutes, the use of space for exclusive use of getting on and off ri is free
The second floor under the ground
<reservation bus space>
Trailer bus up to <20 accommodation>

About prior sending of brochure

Apply for brochure that sending is hoped for by FAX to the use service person in charge after filling out the requirements beforehand.

  • Address (address, company name or full name)
  • Contact information
  • The necessary number of copies

In addition, apply having margin as you will send in ordinary mail.
(when it is urgent, use of courier service by cash on delivery is possible, too.)


Person in charge of Shurijo Castle Park control center business/use service person in charge
1-2, Shurikinjocho, Naha-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-886-2020 FAX: 098-886-2022

Information for neighboring private parking lots

Map of neighboring parking lots
No. Name The accommodation number
1 Shuri parking 1 30
2 Shuri parking 2 70
3 Park, Shuri 1 not to obtain Nine
4 Parking lot in front of the Shurijo Castle Six
5 shureichushajo 15
6 Jonan parking lot Seven
7 Shurijo Castle entrance parking lot 20
8 Parking in front of the Shurijo Castle 40
9 Sunflower parking in front of Ryutan Pond Five
10 In front of Times parking lot Shurijo Castle 21
11 In front of repark Shurijo Castle of Mitsui 13