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Old castle facility of kidai which history and culture of Ryukyu brought up

Country of monarchy that Ryukyu kingdom existed for 450 years from 1429 through 1879. Ryukyu's original culture was brought up by China and Japan, prosperous trade with Southeast Asia. It is Shurijo Castle that was proud of prosperity as the center of King state politics, diplomacy, culture.

World heritage which shows prosperity of Ryukyu kingdom

Shurijo Castle proud of dignified appearance as King of Ryukyu state politics, diplomacy, center of culture.
Shurijo Castle which came to trifle by the Battle of Okinawa of 1945 was restored in commemoration of the mainland return 20th anniversary of Okinawa as state-run park in 1992.
In addition, it was said to unique architecture and making a rock garden technology that fused that China and Japanese construction of a castle culture were worth being like high cultural history, and they were registered with the ruins of Shuri-jo Castle as the eleventh world heritage in Japan in December, 2000.
The figure colored by bright cinnabar red is majestic figure telling history of kingdom, breath of culture, and it may be said that it is symbol itself of Okinawa.

With Shurijo Castle

[early Shurijo Castle of the Showa era] Shooting: yanagidenkikuzoshozo: Takao NonomuraShurijo Castle is castle symbolizing history, culture of Okinawa, and history of Shurijo Castle is history itself of Ryukyu kingdom.

Shurijo Castle is located on the small hill and is surrounded in castle wall representing curve, and many facilities are built in that. We have many open spaces, and religious sacred place exists again, too. It was not limited to Shurijo Castle, and these characteristics were characteristics to be common to castle of Okinawa called gusuku. We lost for competition with Shurijo Castle, and other gusuku had fallen, but Shurijo Castle accomplished new development while maintaining characteristic of gusuku.

Shurijo Castle is greatly divided into second enclosure (the inside castle) and outer fence (the outside castle), and, in the second enclosure, outer fence is completed at the mid-16th century early in the 15th century. Each facility in castle including main shrine is located along East-West axes and assumes the west the front. Point that assumes the west the front is one of the characteristics to have of Shurijo Castle. As there was history of long interchange with China and Japan, Shurijo Castle is affected by China and Japanese building culture in everywhere. Main shrine and south palace, Kita are the representative examples.

It was the headquarters of administration "King Shuri prefecture" of the kingdom rule at the same time as Shurijo Castle was "the royal palace" where the king and the family lived in. In addition, through God women (dumplings) placed in each place, it was base of religious network which ran kingdom religious service (face). Furthermore, entertainment, music was played flourishingly and there were many specialists in art, crafts and played an active part in Shurijo Castle and the outskirts. Shurijo Castle was the center of culture art.

Shurijo Castle was used for Japanese army post, various schools in spring for 1,879 years (Meiji 12) after the king being ousted from Shurijo Castle, and having become "Okinawa". Large-scale repair was carried out in the 1930s, but was reduced to ashes by attack of U.S. forces in 1945. Ruins became campus of University of the Ryukyus after the war, but the reconstruction business is promoted after university move and amounts at the present. Restored Shurijo Castle assumes the after 18th century model. In December, 2000, the ruins of Shuri-jo Castle were registered as world heritage.

  • With Ryukyu kingdom

    As for the history of Ryukyu kingdom for about 450 years, curtain was closed via "aggression of Satsuma" and two phases called "establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains" (Ryukyu disposal).

  • Shurijo Castle as world heritage

    In December, 2000, "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu" was registered with cultural heritage as the eleventh world heritage in Japan.

  • Castle story

    Shurijo Castle which people of Shuri called "castle" (ugushiku) and looked up at with look of respect and affection once. It is history essay talking about trivia related to Shurijo Castle and the outskirts.

Please read before visiting
Shurijo Castle Park is located on the small hill of 120 meters - 130 meters above sea level.
There was the town of Naha on hill to be able to look down at, and hill of this Shuri was a sacred place-like.
As we restore figure of the Ryukyu kingdom era, and Shurijo Castle Park is maintained,
Slope and stairs, stone pavement ways increase, too. On visiting, we recommend that you come with footwear comfortable to walk in.
History event

In Shurijo Castle conveying breath of Ryukyu in now, ceremony and party reminding me of former times are reproduced and invite all of you to the times of far-off Ryukyu kingdom.

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