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It was located on the small hill of Naha-shi Shuri, and Shurijo Castle was surrounded by castle wall representing curve, and there were many buildings in that. It was the headquarters of administration "King Shuri prefecture" of the Ryukyu kingdom rule and was proud of prosperity as center of King state politics, diplomacy, culture and was "the royal palace" where the king and the family lived in at the same time.

We encountered the fourth fire in three times, World War II for the Ryukyu kingdom era and accomplished the rebuilding each time. In 1992 (Heisei 4), main shrine of the times built from the rebuilding of 1715 to Ryukyu kingdom collapse was restored by model. It was built with Ryukyu's original style while adopting Japan and factor of China, and we were colored in Japan by cinnabar red that was bright as castle red alone and were a person unique elsewhere.

The reconstruction construction continued after the Shurijo Castle Park opening of the park of 1992, and many buildings and areas such as of Kyoto or study, kusarikorekan, gold palace were restored. By in-service start of Uchihara that was life space of the king in February, 2019 (Heisei 31), wrote time of 27 years from opening of the park and came to be able to see the whole aspect.

Many buildings and gates link the eaves, and Shurijo Castle is proud of beauty peculiar to Ryukyu and is existence to be able to be also known as symbol of Okinawa.
We introduce "Shurijo Castle of past days" while praying for the future rebuilding here.

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