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On October 31, 2019, eight buildings including Shurijo Castle main shrine were damaged by a fire.

For revival of Shurijo Castle which is castle symbolizing history, culture of Okinawa, we have voice to support from very many various places.
Toward the rebuilding of Shurijo Castle early stage, we will work on restoration, revival in future.
We would appreciate your warm support, cooperation to be able to become symbol of support of your heart, new Okinawa.

The current revival situation


Main shrine remains of an ancient structure are released on June 12, 2020

Revival situation image

After the fire, a pay area that became closing became exhibition. You can see working for holdover, the reconstruction after fire including piece, steel frame of foundation stone remains of an ancient structure of Shurijo Castle main shrine of world heritage, main shrine stone stairs step, stem crest.


Tear off the plaster of red cement tile on March 23, 2020; volunteer

Revival situation image

Because profit utilized tile which kept shape in red cement tile used for building in Shurijo Castle, we gathered volunteers and carried out work to tear off the plaster which attached to tile.


January 1, 2020 "party of the New Year" holding

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Event held "party of the New Year" for Shurijo Castle Park New Year holidays for from 1 to 3 on January in 2020. We carried out various events such as "king, queen appearance" "dance of boss" and greeted customer.


Part of December 21, 2019 light-up resumption

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Light-ups such as castle walls (from the pleasant meeting gate from tsugiyomon, zuisemmon *jummon) to be able to look at from Ryutan Pond reopened.


December 14, 2019 park use area expansion

Revival situation image

It became derestriction from watchtower stand to shitakoregoteitsuro in Kyoto and more nearby came to be able to observe the ruin of a fire after fire.


December 12, 2019 Shurijo Castle revival model course

Revival situation image

After the Shurijo Castle fire, we set Shurijo Castle circulation course as purpose aiming at revival newly. We set course to be able to touch a lot by new Shurijo Castle which was not able to notice many visitors so far, charm of the town of Shuri. Click to read details


Expansion of use of December 12, 2019 Park area

Revival situation image

shitakoregotei and genealogy seat, yobutsuzato, regulation of castle area were canceled and became able to take a walk through about 80% in garden.

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