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Voice of customer
  • Force is great. Lacquered smell was unique and was excited about building beautifully. We come again if we become adult.
  • Service of teicha of kusarikorekan felt quality and hospitality that we had not felt so far. We think that it is good service.
  • On seeing historic building, we became interested. We prepare more and want to come next time.
  • It wore thing which all staff made use of clothes in Ryukyu kingdom and near tradition in, and it was good to melt into atmosphere here. We looked good with man of senior in particular with figure of black clothes well and were tasteful.

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We established formal Facebook page of Shurijo Castle Park.

The staff introduces seasonal information including talk of history and culture of recommended event of Shurijo Castle Park and Ryukyu kingdom!

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Welcome to Shurijo Castle
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