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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Our park observes various laws and ordinances such as guidelines about personal information protection set based on "law about protection of personal information" to recognize importance of personal information, and to plan thorough protection and releases this privacy policy and declares what we act as for protection of personal information.

  1. On the acquisition of personal information, we announce the acquisition, the use purpose beforehand and will acquire after agreement of customer by appropriate method.
  2. We do not do the use and offer that we surpass purpose of the acquisition of our park about personal information that we acquired at all.
  3. We wear leak, loss of personal information again and take necessary and appropriate measures for prevention or other safety management of loss. In addition, we cancel personal information that was not necessary to store about the use purpose surely and immediately or delete.
  4. We perform necessary and appropriate supervision for staff handling personal information and trust.
  5. We do appropriate and quick measures such as complaints about privacy policy.
  6. We establish regime to achieve the purpose mentioned above and try for continuous improvement.

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Google, Inc may disclose this to third party when this information is called for based on laws and ordinances or when substitute, Google, Inc perform information processing of this. Google, Inc may not tie IP address of customer to this with other data which, but, Google, Inc have. They can refuse the use of cookies by choosing appropriate setting by browser, but all of function of this homepage, please note in thing that is not available by invalidating setting of cookies. Customer will approve that by using this homepage, but, Google, Inc process data about customer by method and purpose mentioned above. In addition, we can prevent collection of cookies and IP addresses when we install plug in.


Ocean Expo Park Management Center
Address: 〒 905-0206 424, Ishikawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-48-2741
FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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