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March 20, 2018
We move on third Friday from April! "Breeding backside guide! ... dolphin manatee sea turtle ~"
March 20, 2018
Figure of creature in nature is interesting! "We will go to look in seaside creature exploration tour - Hinault (lagoon)! ~"
March 20, 2018
Backside onozoitemiyo "yuntaku dolphin backyard tour" of the breeding spot
March 20, 2018
When light up darkness; there…Was place of encounter with creatures; "let's explore Ocean Expo Park of Ocean Expo Park knight tour - darkness! ~"
March 16, 2018
We get young plant of orchid in all the problems correct answer! "Orchid present quiz"
March 16, 2018
We handcraft much-talked-about interior! "Experience made with her barium"
March 16, 2018
Let's observe jump of arowana close! "Arowana jump"
March 05, 2018
Beautiful flower "ohokamboku" such as "crown" flowering
March 02, 2018
About cooperation to delivery of cod dolphin (request)
March 01, 2018
Let's observe wild bird in Ocean Expo Park! "Bird watching"
February 26, 2018
Let's play with many huge balloons with all one's might! "Soft and fluffy ball play"
February 26, 2018
Let's observe sea turtle close! "Experience to have sea turtle, and to go" for
February 23, 2018
Growth process ... until spring vacation dolphin learning society ... ten months after birth
February 23, 2018
Folk and the Pacific of guided tour Okinawa of marine culture course tenth feelings④
February 20, 2018
Environmental learning combination presentation to learn from sea turtle
February 19, 2018
Happy White Day photo spot
February 16, 2018
It is graduation & entrance to school celebration! It is made with mini-corsage with flower
February 09, 2018
Lecture about the latest green
February 08, 2018
Seasonal flower piece letter (February)
January 25, 2018
Tulip just reaches in full bloom

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