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February 21, 2020
In gorgeous clothes, let's make memory only in Okinawa! "*sochakufutaigen" to enjoy with - cherry blossoms on 2.22 Saturday holding
February 21, 2020
We knit leaf of genuine Pandanus tectorius, and let's make original coaster! "The making of colorful coaster of Pandanus tectorius" is held on - three holiday on 2.22 Saturday
February 19, 2020
Get close to ingredients and culture of Pacific region mainly on potato; "let's experience Pacific lunch!" Recruitment of participant University
February 17, 2020
Let's enjoy traditional arts of Okinawa in Ocean Expo Park! "Dance one heart Ayumi Higa *maikenkyusho & inagunguwa" stage
February 14, 2020
Let's play balloon of cerise with all one's might! "Cherry blossom viewing ver ... of soft and fluffy ball play ... spring" holding
February 12, 2020
2.15 ... "it is flower making of mini-corsage" to give glory to dress and clothes gorgeously holding
February 12, 2020
It is held on Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum Saturday and Sunday! "The making of decoration hina in pressed flower, dried flower", "plant observation tour" is held
February 09, 2020
"Camellia exhibition" to color winter of display _ Okinawa in one place holds various kinds
February 03, 2020
Go to national high school flower arrangement that All Agriculture & Forestry Ministry's Workers Union High School in okinawakokusaiyoranhaku*kai 2020 connection event Okinawa Island participates in and battle. Okinawa Games holding!
January 30, 2020
Introduction of festival 2020.2.1-11 "okinawakokusaiyoranhaku*kai"-related event of orchid with the best history that world runs gather in Japan!
January 30, 2020
We rediscover charm of imminent plant! !"Plant observation tour" is just held "the making of ready-made hina decoration" on the Doll's Festival!
January 28, 2020
We pay a courtesy visit to Governor Ambassador each country of the table arrangement supervision using hospitality orchid of flower coloring okinawakokusaiyoranhaku*kai, ambassadress Okinawa
January 24, 2020
As for the theme of this year, display "the 15th beauty and others sea flower festival" holds design flower bed which assumed flower event of the northern part of "hospitality of Ryukyu flower" Honjima and remote island motif
January 16, 2020
Announcement of dream center closing tropical on Thursday, January 30, 2020, Wednesday, February 12
January 10, 2020
Change of the eating habits of islands of Okinawa and the Pacific intellect rou kaiyobunkakoza "is canned food feast? It is held in Oceanic Culture Museum on change 1.11 Saturday of the eating habits
January 10, 2020
Vehicle supporting our life does in Ocean Expo Park! "Flock in Ocean Expo Park of working seaweed" holding
December 27, 2019
Let's enjoy event various Ocean Expo Park for New Year holidays! "New Year luck debiru" holding!
December 27, 2019
We will make lucky charm had a good dream by oneself! "The making of dream catcher of pressed flower" is held
December 24, 2019
Festival 2020.2.1-11 "okinawakokusaiyoranhaku*kai" of orchid with the best history that world runs gather in Japan holding decision!
December 20, 2019
Volunteer 12/21.22 "group planting experience of tulip" holding to make potted plant to display with tulip fair

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