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October 22, 2019
We show Niisato magayaeisa on Ocean Expo Park "Native Okinawan Village traditional arts dance" 10.27 Sunday!
October 11, 2019
"Plant experience event" of Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum Saturday and Sunday now being held!
October 11, 2019
The Okinawa first public exhibition! New kind bougainvillaea display "bougainvillaea hibiscus fair"
October 11, 2019
"Cutting down experience of Pandanus tectorius" is held on 10.12 Saturday!
September 30, 2019
It is makeover in corrugated cardboard meiroga Halloween specifications! 10.5-22 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays "Halloween meiro" holding
September 30, 2019
It is holding + sankashadaiboshu on starlit sky observation society in Ocean Expo Park +11.2 Saturday of how to walk beauty and others star talk part1 - night sky navigation (the beginner's class) & autumn!
September 30, 2019
Participant acceptance starts from the 41st Ocean Expo Park whole country trim marathon event Monday, September 30
September 27, 2019
Let's cook cake of Okinawa in old folk house on 10.12 Saturday, 13 Sunday! Under recruitment of "a gallaSir experience made" participants
September 27, 2019
October is 10.1-31 "free of charge distribution of young plant" holding urban greening month of autumn
September 18, 2019
We hold various tree planting examples in Okinawa on introduction "subtropical zone tree planting example presentation" 9.20 Friday!
September 12, 2019
In cake and ice of fruit, introduction "tropical fruit sampling experience" holds new way of enjoying tropical fruit!
September 06, 2019
9.7-10.27 tropical zone dream center Okinawa and the world precious insect exhibition second
July 26, 2019
Summer vacation plunge! Enjoyment shiyo "is special in Ocean Expo Park summer vacation", and, in Ocean Expo Park, learning holds play
July 19, 2019
In the country alone two years in a row! We bear fruit in both cross-fertilization and success durian this year! Figure becoming ... tree being seen only as for the Ocean Expo Park! ...
July 05, 2019
The beauty and others Island culture classroom "will look for interesting tool"
July 04, 2019
Valuable wild run of orchid - Okinawa of small green is full bloom ... "kashinokiran" flowering
June 28, 2019
We rediscover charm of imminent plant! "It is made with mobile with nut" "plant observation tour" holding!
June 28, 2019
On festival 2019 ... day, events are varied in "summer party whom flowers color" start Ocean Expo Park summer! ...
June 27, 2019
We learn secret that seeds of plant fly, and let's make free study! "The making of model of flying seed" is held!
June 27, 2019
Development of constitution and fishery of oldness of Oceanic Culture Museum exhibition society sabani and town of Itoman

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