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December 25, 2020
[NR] Unexpectedly easy! Let's make original flowerpot with Thor paint!
December 23, 2020
Let's enjoy various events in Ocean Expo Park for 20201223 [NR] New Year holidays! "New Year luck debiru" holding!
December 22, 2020
Recruitment of ... potted plant volunteers ... "group planting experience of tulip" holding!
December 20, 2020
News about one member of Ocean Expo Park, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium maintenance check new coronavirus positive
December 17, 2020
Hand wazano succession and development - holding of sabani ship-building technology - area of 20201217 [NR] sabani lecture Ou Island
December 09, 2020
20201209 [NR] - extreme popularity! Corrugated cardboard maze Christmas Ver. ... "slapstick great escape of Christmas ☆ sacred night" is held
December 08, 2020
20201208 [NR] Native Okinawan Village activation trial event "Ryukyu dancing stages" holding
November 25, 2020
About Ocean Expo Park (all Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium the garden facilities to include) closure, closing
November 24, 2020
Let's make Christmas decoration of 20201124 [NR] originals! "The making of kurisumasusuwaggu" is held
November 17, 2020
We will dye with ... plant smartly! ... "dyeing with vegetable dyes" holding
November 10, 2020
Strength of 20201110 [NR] drums and colorful clothes of woman dance are must-see! Folk entertainment dance "excellent cherry blossoms EISA"
November 06, 2020
It blooms in autumn of orchid lover pride in Okinawa, and orchid gathers! "Autumn orchid display" is held
November 05, 2020
... photo spots are varied! ... "bougainvillaea hibiscus fair" now being held
November 04, 2020
About Ocean Expo Park (all Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium the garden facilities to include) closure, closing
October 20, 2020
Introduction ... "subtropical zone tree planting example presentation" holds example of ... area, school making 20201020 [NR] beauty and others Island (sima)
October 07, 2020
We do not increase green in Ocean Expo Park tropical zone dream center life space, or "free distribution of sapling" of favorable reception is held every year!
October 06, 2020
On Ocean Expo Park October 11 and 25, admission is free! Autumn festival holding
October 05, 2020
Ocean Expo Park sky is high; wish of all! ... simultaneous nationwide kiteflying event in hope of 2020 - new model coronavirus end
October 02, 2020
Let's make bookmark only for oneself in autumn of Ocean Expo Park tropical zone dream center reading! "The making of bookmark original with pressed flower" is held
October 01, 2020
Ocean Expo Park Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium subtropical zone tree planting example presentation is held!

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