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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name yusuki
Japanese name isunoki
Course name Japanese witch hazel
Dialect name yusugi yushigi

Position in garden

Plant properties

isunoki is evergreen Takagi reaching approximately 20 meters in height to grow wild in Japan (the west from Kinki and to the south), Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa, Taiwan, mountainous district of China. There are about 4 meters of trunk circumferences, huge tree of 16 meters of height of the tree to Izu equal to northern limit of distribution of isunoki. The bark is blackish brown, smooth or ramentum-formed. Leaf is around 3-8 centimeters in length with quality of leather. Flower is deep red brown and is small and blooms in Okinawa in from January to March. We get insect of hen's egg size and are to sprig, and there is (twig gall), and larva of dozens of ticks lives inside. We may be mistaken for fruit.

The use

[twig gall] : Dye, flute
[materials] : Building materials such as pillar, floor board, appliance materials, tree comb materials, musical instruments such as drumsticks of pole, biwa of samisen, firewood and charcoal materials, ash are the use for ceramics
[tree] : Windbreak forest, trees to protect against tsunami, mansion forest, bonsai

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 13 822 yusuki

Meaning of song
Vast main (the sun) of the east goes up
In front of vast main (the sun)
Akagi, flower of yusugi
Because it is pure white and blooms in crimson
You take that, and shine in occasion
(we want to shade)
(omission of the latter part)

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