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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name War
Japanese name i
Course name Juncaceae
Dialect name bigu otujin

Position in garden

Plant properties

The temperate zone area of the Northern Hemisphere is said to be the place of origin, and i grows wild on Southeast Asia, North America and damp ground of various parts of Japan and is cultivated in rice field in Japan, China, Korea. It is said after the Edo era when tatami mat has begun to be used for life of the people at large that i cultivation spread in Japan. Underground stem has crowding of growth, stem approximately 25-70 centimeters in height aside. Inflorescence of around 2 millimeters of size gathers on the tip of stem thickly, and flower becomes spikelet. Section of stem is cylindrical and can distinguish from Cyperus monophyllus having triangle pilaster easily.

The use

[culm] : Tatami facing, goza, fancy matting, shopping basket, sedge hat, sandals, wick
[leaf, culm, root] : We use as medical use for alleviation of fever, swelling, stomach disease
[flavor] : Relaxation action, antibacterial effect

At their best calendar

You go omorosaushi Vol. 1 one or two

Meaning of song
In famous this temple
Do spiritual power of princess (God woman)
In this temple to resound
In false wisteria vine of seshirumashi (the place name)
To rush of Shimajiri

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