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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name teshi
Japanese name Limba (kobateishi)
Course name Button tree department
Dialect name kufadisa kubadesa mmagi

Position in garden

Plant properties

Limba is tropical fallen leaves Takagi distributed over the shore forest mainly from Africa, the tropics of Asia to Ryukyu Islands. Leaves greatly gather in branch point in obovoid form, and there is. As branch spreads widely horizontally, shape of a tree is beautiful, and we hang for the winter season from autumn, and leaf turns red red before fallen leaves. Flower is small and is white and blooms into nikete ear form for from April to July and touches both flower arrangement of female flower in male flower, the lower part above. Fruit ripens in lemon yellow with oval for from September to December. Bat eats willingly. Because fruit is covered by the cork layer, it is propagated in the beach of seaweed each place by ocean current.

The use

[tree] : Park tree, roadside tree, planting of graveyard.
[leaf] : Dye.
[materials] : Furniture materials, shipbuilding materials, building materials.

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 7 384 teshi

Meaning of song
Row of pine trees which planted, and shined
When is long until ten 100 years, ten 100 years old; ki rau
kuba row of trees which stood, and shined
kobateishi row of trees which stood, and shined
(we do not pray that 1,000 years are long)

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