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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name You
Japanese name Millet
Course name Gramineae
Dialect name Margin chimi chimiawa

Position in garden

Plant properties

Height of a rice plant is around 1 meter in fresh forage book for one year when millet is cultivated to farm. We send Kaho having flower which is innumerable than the top of stem in autumn and suspend when it grows. Fruit is more greatly than foxtail millet yellowish white from yellow with sphere approximately 3 millimeters. Japanese name of "yellow fruit" is considered that was corrupted. We have East Asia - Central Asian theory in the place of origin, and closely related native is distributed over India Pakistan. As we were strong in cold and drying, and cultivation period was short, it was cultivated as precious food source from the ancient times. We propagate with movement to Nishikata of a race, and there is record introduced in the Middle Stone Age (B.C. 8000 through 4000) to Europe. It is said that we were transmitted behind rice or foxtail millet via Korea from North China to Japan.

The use

[fruit] : We do, and konkashigi is edible as meter, and confectionary is for medicinal use

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 12 672 you

Meaning of song
The splendor that we were able to take excellent rice
Present the world luck, the truth luck to King
Excellent millet is the splendor that we got
Present the world luck, the truth luck to King
Pile up; of (tsugiyomon),
Measure up; under the top (tsugiyomon)
(you gather a lot, and present to king)

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