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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name mao
Japanese name Naan van ramie
Course name Urticaceae
Dialect name mau bu

Position in garden

Plant properties

Naan van ramie is perennial plant becoming 1-2 meters in height, and leaf has rough coarse wool. We are distributed over Polynesia from Southeast Asia including Japan and China and are distributed over each island in Okinawa and grow wild in the fields and mountains. Cultivated type is type sorted unlike wild animal class, and it features that fiber is strong. It is said that pawn falls when melodies of stem of cultivation class increases and is cultivated at place where there is little criticism. As for the ramie genus which this species belongs to, it is said to Japan that it is 10-20 kinds, but it is the current situation that there are many changes, and classification is difficult. Showa-mura, Fukushima is known as the only straight production center in Honshu.

The use

[the bark] : Textile, fetish
[stem, leaf] : Medical use, fodder

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 13 855 mao

Meaning of song
Good-quality thread
We make skeane riawasete line
Thread of the truth potato
We make skeane riawashite bridle
We fix the sea and do calmly
You overwhelm excellent Maho, and fry
(let's run ship)

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