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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name kunefu
Japanese name Bergamot
Course name Rutaceae
Dialect name kunibu talk nib

Position in garden

Plant properties

It is evergreen Takagi, and bergamot grows up into around 6 meters in height. Fruit becomes ripe from December through January, 7 centimeters in height, around 9 centimeters in width. It is close species of satsuma. It is originally from Thailand, Indochina, and estate is the southern part of China and the southern part of Japan mainly. It is thought that it came to Okinawa from the southern part of China, and it is said that it reached the southern part of Japan via Kagoshima afterwards. We resemble hiramiremon (Citrus depressa) closely, but, leafstalk having wing leaf, can be distinguished because fruit is big. It is also called toukunibu in Okinawa dialect, and, cane = "Tang", kunibu = "mandarin orange" means mandarin orange which came from Tang, China.

The use

[fruit] : Eating raw, cough medicine

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 14 994 kunefu

Meaning of song
Bergamot (mandarin orange) of Shimajiri,
Crop of bergamot of pro-country
It is long in coming
When it is season of urizun
When it is season of young summer
It is long in coming

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