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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

We pat and have kuwage

We pat and have kuwage


omoro name We pat and have kuwage
Japanese name shimaguwa
Course name Moraceous plant
Dialect name kuwagi kuwa kongi nandeshi

Position in garden

Plant properties

shimaguwa is from South Kyushu and to the south and is distributed over Taiwan, Southeast Asia and is male and female variant with tree in fallen leaves characteristics to become 5-6 meters in height. Egg-shaped, the surface is shiny with myrtle green, and leaf is 6-15 centimeters in length. Various from thing which young leaf is big irregularly, and was split to thing which is not split at all. Flower flowers for from February to March, and, as for the female flower, 5-10 centimeters in length, male flower are 1.5-3 centimeters in length. Fruit becomes ripe in dark red in around April and is sweet with multi-juice.

The use

[leaf] : Feed, green manure for meal
[fruit] : Eating raw, jam, liqueur
[materials] : Decoration materials, high-quality material, firewood of Jew's-ear
[the bark] : Paper stock
[leaf, root] : Medical use such as diuresis promotion, painkilling
[tree] : Sacred tree, sericulture use

Sacred tree commentary

As sacred tree, we seem to expel evil god to bow at the age of "ufuyumi" of shinugu event, and sycamine uses branch of sycamine. In addition, as for the sycamine, sun god is connected with each other, and is Okinawa at time of thunderstorm; "kuwaginu lower (shicha) day building (is under the sycamine. It is called raku chinaidekudasaino will).

At their best calendar

We pat and have omorosaushi Vol. 17 1,202 kuwage

Meaning of song
Mt. area
In Mt. Kakiuchi
Plant sycamine
Plant nadesu (mulberry)
Make hand drum with sycamine
Make (hand drum) to sound, and to call
(we greet God, and let's celebrate)

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