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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Pine (pine)



omoro name Pine
Japanese name ryukyumatsu
Course name Pinaceae
Dialect name March gusset

Position in garden

Plant properties

Takagi that ryukyumatsu reaches 25 meters of height of the tree with evergreen conifer hung in mountainous district from the shore low land. It appears as second growth and pioneer vegetation. It is endemic species of Ryukyu Islands, and the north grows the south in each island except Daito to Yonaguni from the Tokara Islands. The bark resembles black pine by monoecism, two pieces of leaves. Shape of a tree becomes into an umbrella form when we mature. Wind resistance, the tide-resistant characteristics-resistant; dry; is superior, and is used as tree planting plant of city together by adaptability to environment and beautiful shape of a tree. Is appointed to "tree of Okinawa" as representative tree of Okinawa in 1972 (Showa 47).

The use

[tree] : Trees to protect against tsunami, windbreak forest, tree in a garden garden, park tree, roadside tree
[materials] : Firewood and charcoal materials, building materials, furniture materials

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 5 281 pine

Meaning of song
Of King Shin Sho
Row of pine trees of plan
Bless King Shin Sho
Win in the future
Hold out branch
Sakae etemashimase
(omission of the latter part)

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