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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

It is not crowded (cedar)



omoro name Plow
Japanese name Cedar
Course name Taxodium family
Dialect name shiji snipe

Position in garden

Plant properties

Japan, China are said to be origin, and cedar is evergreen Takagi which has been afforested as important forestry tree class widely in Japan. Cedar (over), * (over) of Japanese name have meaning called "tree which grows straight", and it is written in "Yamato natural materials for medicinal use", "we say that Kinaoshi kunaru reason resembles too much". We grow up most, and trunk rotation is known to giant tree that 3-8 meters, trunk reach 50 meters in height for domestic conifer. Flower is monoecism, and point of twig is accompanied by male flower into an ear form with oval, and female flower is spherical, and point of twig is accompanied by one.

The use

[materials] : Building materials such as Shinto shrine, temple, house, furniture, appliance, engineering works, ship materials, mast, pails, sake barrel
[the bark] : The one for roofer
[leaf] : We use as medical use for raw materials such as incense stick materials for fire lighter, cut, hot water burn
[tree] : Garden tree

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 21 1,404 plow

Meaning of song
When east wind blows
When Oitekaze blows
In makiyo (communities) of Aragaki
Let a certain cedar move to ten fathoms
(let village prosper)

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