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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name dashikiya
Japanese name Sima mass Onoki
Course name Madder family
Dialect name Soup stock tea dashika dasuke

Position in garden

Plant properties

Sima mass Onoki is evergreen small Takagi to grow under the forest of mountainous district. Northern limit of distribution grows in Tokunoshima, Okinawa Island, Kumejima, Ishigakijima, Iriomotejima, Yonagunijima in Amami Oshima and is distributed over Taiwan, the southern part of China. Trunk is strong in elasticity in going straight on. The bark takes on black taste. Leaf is strong green at 8-15 centimeters. Flower is white and blooms in early summer. Wood spreads into long pieces and it is dense and is full of elasticity firmly. Holy priest out of bag which brought Ryukyu the Jodo sect of Buddhism in myth writes, "God amateur Mikiyo of Ryukyu genesis (kaibyaku), Sine reKiyo plant soup stock tea (sima mass Onoki) at the time of nation-building for the first time and made mountain" in "description of Ryukyu Shinto".

The use

[materials] : Antimaterials, haezai, rafter, railroad tie of thatched roof root, shipbuilding materials, building materials, spring tree, fishing implements for hunting, charm, religious service use

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 13 763 dashikiya

Meaning of song
raikyu is in Yara-za forest
We place dashikiya (Saint tree) nail, and there is kyu
To the back of 1,000 years
(we pray that we will not put army of enemy)
(omission of the latter part)

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