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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Cook (bamboo)



omoro name Cook
Japanese name ryukyuchiku
Course name Gramineae
Dialect name yambarudaki yamadaki

Position in garden

Plant properties

ryukyuchiku grows wild by bamboo peculiar to Ryukyu Islands in each Okinawa island (other than Daito). We grow for natural vegetation locally in shoulder-formed part of cliff of mountainous district, the ridge Sujiyama top and develop on the mountaintop and the north slopes such as Mt. Rhodea japonica of Ishigakijima in particular or Old Mitake of Iriomotejima, Mt. Goza. Change is seen in high culm and width and narrowness of leaf by locality. Tendency to get angry at about a certain designated area all at once is seen in flowering, but is unidentified in flowering period. About 40 kinds are known as bamboo of cultivation class as well as ryuyuuchiku in Okinawa. ryukyuchiku was appointed to bamboo of Okinawa in 1965 by meeting of Japanese bamboo bamboo grass.

The use

[tree] : It is for appreciation
[culm] : Building assistance materials, fence materials, knitting, agriculture material, shaft 
[branch, leaf] : Roofer material

At their best calendar

Cook omorosaushi Vol. 19 1,293

Meaning of song
Great parent of Yonamine
Make wall cultivating bamboo
(we bring up bamboo)
Feudal lord of old Okinawa
The splendor of shaft to make island slaying

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