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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum




omoro name kusunuki
Japanese name Camphor tree
Course name Lauraceae
Dialect name kusunuchi

Position in garden

Plant properties

Camphor tree was from Kanto of Japan and to the south, and it was distributed over Taiwan, China (Yangzi Jiang Yangtze River and to the south). Kusu growing wild in the fields and mountains of Okinawa is transmitted in the old times, and it is said that planted thing escaped now. It is characteristic that it is evergreen Takagi, and 12 meters, trunk diameter reach 2 meters as for the height of the tree, and slit that the bark is narrow lengthwise enters. Leaf grows each other and the tip is sharp with oval and is shiny. There is small cavity on the back of leaf and finishes kind of tick inside. Flower blooms with yellow green small for from March to May. Fruit ripens in dark purple with sphere.

The use

[Kimata body] : It is used as camphor by fragrance, insect repellent, pharmaceutical products
[tree] : Park tree, roadside tree
[materials] : Building materials, furniture materials, shipbuilding materials

At their best calendar

omorosaushi Vol. 13 891 kusunuki

Meaning of song
Mifune of Kusu,
Of Mifune who pushed, and was able to be isolated
You fix trail of ship, and do calmly
It is Mifune that the future was blessed
Being Mifune of king

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