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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Ryukyu Kingdom Era Private House

There was limit to building material for the kingdom era.

In Okinawa of the kingdom era, size of mansion and house was limited from 1737 through 1889 by social position, and corner (81 tsubos, 265 square m), house between mansion 9 were limited to one three of four ken of central rooms and two of three ken of kitchens one in farm village. In addition, use of building material included limit, and it was forbidden firmly that farmers did roof for tile-roofing. In the building of this hole pleasure boat type, it is from central room and two-ken breadth between two beams of kitchen with layout that assumed farmhouse of the kingdom era, and pillar of the outside circumference uses polishing of sloppy log. We take floor board low, and roof becomes thatch of small log frame.

Position in garden

Plant in garden

Detailed MAP

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