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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Private House on Motobu

Private house which conveys the oldest hole pleasure boat type

It is the early day of the Showa era that this building was made, but is building conveying the oldest hole pleasure boat type for architecture. Building consists of central room and two-ken breadth between two beams of kitchen (the lord small), and floor is low in all the pillars of the four corners using coral limestone (in those days board), and roof is thatch of Class small log. Each of the two walls fills double chinibu wall (bamboo wall) with Japanese nutmegs, and, in the wall of the furnace circumference of kitchen, soil is filled seam with in yamen* of coral limestone. And we establish gutter on part which two roofs contact with, and incline is touched to drain rainwater into the rear.
In Okinawa, there was private vegetable garden that cultivated vegetables which were easily done in garden of house from the old days. This private vegetable garden was called "ataigua". SHIMAYA rhinoceros that it was eaten traditionally in Okinawa what we cultivated was the center. We planted various SHIMAYA rhinoceroses including bitter gourd (bitter gourd), nchieba (ensai), nigana (hosobawadan), Kahn lump (Gynura bicolor) and, to side dish, harvested occasionally. Grandmother who told sanshin in house of lord of a manor charges brought up SHIMAYA rhinoceroses of this ataigua carefully.

Position in garden

Plant in garden

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