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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Jitude's House (Manor Lords)

House of feudal lord in charge of local administration in those days

Lord of a manor charges were people in charge of local administration as chief administrator of lord of a manor (feudal lord) of each five-holed short bamboo clarinet (the Magian recurrent municipalities) in the Heian period (1429 through 1879) and carried duty to control various administration in the best roles of five-holed short bamboo clarinet guard station (current town and village offices). Layout of house of lord of a manor charges is model of private house of Okinawa, and, the first seat of tokonoma, next, the second seat of Buddhist altar room and the third seat equal to living room are placed facing the southeast, and the back of the third seat to have fireplace that it is is posted in labor room in the backside living room and the back of the first seat, back of the second seat of children that it is. Detached room is said to be "house in front" or "Asagi", and it is in solitary house to use for accommodation of retired person room or visitor.

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