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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Ugamigah (Sacred Spring)

Place of faith from ancestors to water

When human being lives, water is important. Therefore, people made meeting, village for place with spring and river, reservoir. Those Isen or reservoirs which ancestors used were called "Ugamigah (Sacred Spring)", and religious service to thank water has been performed by faith that life was given by spiritual power of the water. We gave water which we drew to "God (hinukan) of fire" from "product Isen" (naive garfish) at the time of childbirth of child, and sum of born child was accompanied, and sum of family was accompanied taking water of product Isen (naive garfish) into account again on New Year's Day for New Year holidays and we washed face with the water and prayed for health.

Position in garden

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