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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Utaki (Sacred Grove)

Holy place where guardian deity of village is enshrined

"Utaki (Sacred Grove)" is the most important element of village constitution. In halfway up a mountain of the top or heap of hills, village was originally formed in the outskirts, too. There are many things that cemetery of village-based teoshita ancestor became sacred place later in Mitake, and it may be said that ancestor's soul God who is guardian deity of village is, so to speak, worshiped place. In Mitake, it is not allowed that place called "ibi" surrounded by big rock or trees enters there other than God woman at sacred place where God is enshrined. In addition, this side of "ibi" is called "ibinume", and incense lamp and foundation stone of open-air stone are placed. At place that "Kami-Asagi (Worship House)" invites guardian deity near Mitake, and performs festival, wall and floor where the eaves are low come to often establish hole pleasure boat-type mausoleum which there is not.

Position in garden

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