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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Plant commentary


Evergreen medium- and high-levels tree of mohwa. It grows in limestone or mansion close to the shore. 1-2 black seeds enter elliptic fruit. Flowering season is from April to June.

Banyan tree

Takagi of moraceous plant. It grows in rock and limestone place of the shore. Height becomes nearly 1m in diameter 15m or more. Rare tree which sheds the leaves when it is summer. In fact, it is colored pink, and there is white dot.


Japanese banana plant department. We are distributed over Melanesia from the eastern part of India. Inflorescence and false stem are edible and finish weaving abaca cloth from fiber of false stem.


Podocarpus macrophylla. We are distributed over Okinawa from Honshu and add ripe receptacle to purple-red in autumn. It is a lot near the sea. Flowering season is from March to April.

Fern with white-backed leaves velvet shank

Takagi out of one of elm department. It is along way of the fields and mountains and grows to green of forest.
It reaches 15m in height 60cm in width. Stem is colored light gray, and leaf has thin saw teeth, and black fruit ripens.


Small Takagi of mallow family. Dialect name is yuna. It is planted in gardens for the shore sandy area and the one for tree as trees to protect against tsunami. Flower reaches the upper part of branch in *oshoku.

Banyan tree

Evergreen Takagi of moraceous plant. We grow a lot wild in seaside. Patience develops and forms unique shape of a tree. It is used on windbreak forest, park tree, garden tree, roadside tree widely.


Fallen leaves Takagi of rose family. Height reaches 8m. 2-3 flowers having calyx of reddish purple suspend below the leaf and open.

Cherry laurel

Evergreen Takagi of Rutaceae. We grow wild in limestone field in the prefecture. Dialect name is gigichi. There is sweet smell white, and flower is used a lot for garden tree, hedge, road tree planting.

Alpinia speciosa

Zingiberaceae. It grows in the wilderness, range of mountain, around the field well. We follow a lot of beautiful flowers, and leaf is used to wrap onimochi.

Crape myrtle

Tree out of one of fallen leaves characteristics of loosestrife department. The place of origin is Chinese southern part, India. The bark came off with red brown, and the name of monkey sliding was derived because it was smooth. Flower is rouge or white. Flowering season is from June to September.

Rhaphiolepis umbellata

Rose family. We write Rhaphiolepis umbellata. We are distributed over Honshu, Kyushu and grow in the shore mainly. Flowering season is May.


Fallen leaves Takagi of chinaberry department. We grow wild in the fields and mountains. Alias jindangi. It is fast-growing and becomes Oki and is used on furniture and building materials, park tree, roadside tree.

Japanese silverleaf

Evergreen perennial plant of Compositae. It grows in the fields and mountains. Heart-shaped, leaf is shiny and is thick and is soft. Flower stalk of around 60cm in height is postponed till late fall and touches a lot of yellow flowers.


Evergreen Takagi of St. John's wort department. It grows in the shore. Luster appears if we polish, and it is used by high-quality furniture. Flower contains one big seed in fruit with white. Flowering season from May to June.


Evergreen liana of pepper department. Origin distribution is Java, Sumatra, Thailand. Dialect name: hihachi et al.
As we take out aerial root from stem and adhere to wall surface, it is usable for wall surface tree planting such as concrete walls made of blocks letting you limit to stone wall. It becomes scenery with rural beauty.


Evergreen Takagi of Arecaceae. It is tree of independence from the root to the upper part. Height reaches more than 10m. The feature is that tip of a leaf is split finely and hangs down. As for the elliptic fruit, it is dark purple green later at the start.


Evergreen Takagi of St. John's wort department. Cylindrical trunk stood straight and leaf pawn was thick and it was old and was used for windbreak forest. Dye becoming materials of colorfully-dyed pattern is removed from the bark. Flowering season is from May to June.


Evergreen shrub of purple department. Grow in limestone place, height is around 1-3m. There is gritty bristle in the top surface of leaf. Flower is white, and fruit is spherical, and yellow is red.

Phyllostachys bambusoides

Gramineae. We write Phyllostachys bambusoides. We are distributed over China. We compared state that internode bulged to face of Hotei, and there was this name.

Spindle tree

Staff-tree family. We are seen in reef of limestone place and the shore and are used as garden tree. Height is around 3m. Flower sends small flower of white green with long pattern.


Rose family. If a lot of gardening kinds are for fruit tree, there is admiration use. Flowering season is from March to April.


Evergreen medium- and high-levels tree of kakinoki department. Height is around 10m. There is spontaneous generation in Yaeyama, Yonaguni, too, but is used as garden tree widely in Honjima. It is useful as pole of samisen heartwood. Flowering season is from May to June.

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